Call for Admission 2020

General information

The opening of the Call for admission to the PhD Courses 2020 has been postponed to May 4th, 2020, and it is due to close on June 16th, 2020. The full text of the Call will be made available on the official University website (in Italian and English language) on the opening day.

Applicants must read very carefully the Call and must strictly follow the instructions therein in order for their applications to be taken into consideration and processed smoothly.

Specifically for the admission to the PhD Program in Information Engineering, applicants must prepare a curriculum and a research project proposal mandatorily using the templates that can be downloaded following the links reported in the call and reported here:

Admission Examination

The admission examination is scheduled to start on June 29th, 2020. As explained below, the examination is a two-step process, with candidates required to take part only to the second step (the interview). Interviews will be scheduled between July 6th and July 15th.

More in detail, the two steps of the adimission examination are:

  • a pre-evaluation of the candidates qualifications by the examination Committee, based on the candidates curriculum and project proposal (candidates do not personally take part to this step);
  • applicants scoring at least 35/50 in the pre-evaluation are interviewed  by the examination Committee. As detailed in the Call, the candidate is requested to prepare a 10 minute presentation to introduce him/herself, to explain the motivations to pursue a Ph.D. in Information Engineering, and to discuss the main features of a possible research project on one of the topics of the Ph.D. School ( The Admission Committee will then discuss with the candidate the details of his/her academic titles, curriculum, and research project and will assess if the candidate masters the methodological tools needed to carry on the project. Candidates may request the interview to be held remotely via Skype.