Information for New Students

Incoming Students of the 39° cycle

Welcome to new PhD Students of the 39° cycle! While waiting for the enrollment procedure to be completed by all candidates, we will use this page to communicate with you.

After you have successfully enrolled, you are assigned the university institutional e-mail address that follows the format, with an alias Please, check regularly this mailbox and always use its address for communicating with the PhD, Department and University offices.

Here follow some pieces of information regarding the access to the Department premises and the first steps of your PhD Program.

Access permissions

In order to be able to access the Department premises and use its services (credentials for the Department internet network, computing facilities and e-mail account, access and usage of heavy lab equipments) you must submit a request through the GIGA portal following strictly the directions listed in the lines below (the GIGA portal language is Italian only, so, if you are not fluent in Italian, please seek the help of a colleague or of your supervisor). Please note that access to the Department for new PhD Students is possible only from October 1st, 2023 (the official starting date of the 39° cohort PhD Program) onwards.

  1. Those already registered on GIGA: please log in the GIGA portal and click on “Rinnovo o variazione” in the left column; then go to 3.
  2. New GIGA users: start the registration on GIGA by clicking on REGISTRATI button and inserting the requested personal data; then go to 3.
  3. Both returning and new GIGA users:
    • request the access with role (ruolo) “dottorando“, subcategory (sottocategoria) “ciclo 39
    • set the starting date (data di inizio): 1-10-2023 (or the date you are filing in your request if later than 1-10-2023) and expiry date (data di fine) 31-03-2027
    • ask your supervisor which room you will be assigned and which lab facilities you need to access to carry on your research, then file the request in the form accesso ai laboratori (the room name is actually the number reported on the sign outside the room main entrance). You may take a look at the Department Laboratory Maps.
    • if you do not already have one, please request a new account on the DEI network (account DEI); if you already have one, it will be transferred to your new role.
    • request access to printers/xerox copiers (abilitazione STAMPA).
  4. Those who need to access the Department premises before October 1st (we kindly ask to consider carefully if you really need an early access, since this procedure requires anyway a few days and puts an additional load on the administrative staff): same procedure as outlined above, with the exception of point 3, where the role (ruolo) should be “laureato frequentatore”  and the expiry date 15-10-2023. Additionally, you mus pay the insurance (follow this link).

Kick-off of the 39° PhD Cycle

The first important date to save in your agenda is October 3rd, 2023, when the welcome and kick-off meeting of the 39° cycle will be held starting at 10:30 in Aula Magna “A. Lepschy” (building DEI/D, 1st floor, link to Department map). The meeting is also going to be broadcast using the University videoconferencing platform Zoom for those of you who may not be able to be physically present. The link to the video conference will be sent to you via email at your official university address.

During the kick-off meeting we will explain all you need to know to start and successfully carry-on your PhD Program.

While the official starting date of the PhD Program is October 1st, 2023, you are not requested to show up in person at the Department of Information Engineering until you receive a specific email from the PhD Secretariat with the dates and times when you can pick up your badge and the attached documentation, and sign the PhD NDA.

Meanwhile, we warmly suggest you to get in touch with your perspective Supervisor and start discussing your PhD research plan and keep an eye on your official university email mailbox.