Seminars organized by the Ph.D: Program in Information Engineering

Dates and location of each seminar can be found on the Ph.D. Course Calendar (open it in Google Calendar or in any browser).

1. Building a Research Career: A Success Story (Prof. F. Nestola)

Instructor: Professor Fabrizio Nestola, Department of Earth Sciences, Università di Padova



Fabrizio Nestola, Full Professor in Mineralogy at the University of Padova, ERC Grant recipient, explains how to start planning a successful career as an academic or industrial researcher right from the beginning of the Ph.D.

Please, remember that students may have their attendance to the seminar recognized in order to fulfill the Seminar Requirements (see the PhD Course Catalogue for details). To this aim, students shall bring with them the Seminar Certificate of Attendance sheet (an empty one is attached to this message), fill it in with the required information and have it signed by the seminar instructor.