First-Year Report and Deadlines

Admission to the Second Year of the Ph.D. Course

First-Year Students and Supervisors

The procedure to be admitted to the second year of the Ph.D. Course in Information Engineering requires each student to deliver a written report on the first-year activity (research, courses/seminars, and publications).

A Ph.D. Course Committee, composed by the Ph.D. Course Coordinator and two members of the Ph.D. Course Board, evaluates the report to verify that the first-year coursework requirement has been fulfilled, that the framework of the thesis work has been laid down and that a publication plan has been envisioned.

Important Note

The deadlines listed below refer to the standard PhD Program timeline, starting on October 1st. In the event of a delayed start (e.g., due to admission through a specific project like MSCA, PON, CSC, delay in visa release, etc.) or of a PhD Program Suspension longer than three months, PhD Students and their Supervisors should comply with the following deadlines:

  • PhD Program started between January 1st and March 31st: add three months to the deadlines below
  • PhD Program started between April 1st and June 30th: add six months to the deadlines below
 Deadlines for Students

Between July 1st and August 31st: delivery of the first-year report. The students should follow the report template:

Annual Report Template

The report (revised, approved and duly signed by the supervisor) shall be uploaded to the Ph.D. Course eLearning area using the Upload 1st year annual report resource available on eLearning platform at:

Resources for PhD Students

 Deadlines for Supervisors of First-Year Students

By August 31th: revise and sign the candidate’s first-year report; in case the supervisor decides to deny the approval of the report, he/she shall annotate “NOT APPROVED” above the signature and motivate the decision in a written report to be sent to the Ph.D. School Coordinator.