Teaching Assistant – Tutor

PhD Students may spend a limited amount of hours to support Bachelor or Master Students through the Tutorato (Tutorship) and Didattica Integrativa (Teaching Assistant) programs.

Tutors are selected via a University wide call, while Teaching Assistants are recruited directly by the Department through specific calls.

The following time limits apply:

  • Tutor: max 100 hours/academic year
  • Teaching Assistant: max 40 hours/academic year
  • Tutor + Teaching Assistant: max 100 hours/academic year

Tutor/Teaching Assistant authorization request submission procedure

Students shall request the authorization to the Executive Board through the following steps:

  • Download the Tutor/Teaching Assistant Form (docx file)
  • Open the file using Word and fill the editable fields with the required information.
  • Print and sign the document, and have it signed by your Supervisor.
  • Scan the signed document and upload it (requires SSO authentication).