Third-Year Report and Deadlines

Admission to the Thesis External Evaluation Phase

Third-Year Students and Supervisors

The procedure to be admitted to the thesis evaluation by external reviewers requires every potential Ph.D. candidate: 1) to present the object of his/her thesis and the status of its draft to an ad hoc committee during a session open to the public; and 2) to deliver a written report on the overall three-year activity (research, courses/seminars and publications).

The committee shall include the student supervisor and two additional members, one of which belonging to a scientific area different from that of the supervisor.

After the presentation, the committee shall submit to the PhD Course’s Coordinator a short report on the student’s work and a proposal regarding the admission of the thesis to the evaluation phase (detailed instructions are reported below).

Important Note

The deadlines listed below refer to the standard PhD Program timeline, starting on October 1st. In the event of a delayed start (e.g., due to admission through a specific project like MSCA, PON, CSC, delay in visa release, etc.) or of a PhD Program Suspension longer than three months, PhD Students and their Supervisors should comply with the following deadlines:

  • PhD Program started between January 1st and March 31st: add three months to the deadlines below
  • PhD Program started between April 1st and June 30th: add six months to the deadlines below
Deadlines for Students

By July 15th: request of thesis deferment due to exceptional circumstances that prevented the student, for reasons beyond his/her control, to complete the research work. For those students whose deferment request is accepted, the deadlines listed below are shifted forward by the same amount of time. See also the PhD Office e-mail message dated June 18th, 2020, regarding deferment requests related to COVID19 emergency.

Between July 1st and August 31st: presentation by the student of his/her thesis work in front of the committee and delivery of the three-year report. The students should follow the report template:

Final Report Template  

The three-year report (revised, approved and duly signed by the supervisor) and the slides used for the presentation of the thesis, shall be uploaded to the Ph.D. Course eLearning area using the Upload triennial (final) report and Upload presentation to Department Committee resources available on eLearning platform at:

Resources for PhD Students

By 12:00 of September 30th: request of being admitted to the final examination (through Uniweb); upload of thesis and three-year report (both will be forwarded to the reviewers); upload the disclaimer for the Electronic deposit of PhD thesis and AlmaLaurea survey.


Deadlines for Supervisors of Ph.D Candidates

By August 31st (and in any case at least 5 days before the presentation): send composition of the evaluation committee and date, time, place, and title of the presentation to:

By August 31th: revise and sign the candidate’s three-year report; in case the supervisor decides to deny the approval of the report, he/she shall annotate “NOT APPROVED” above the signature and motivate the decision in the evaluation committee report (see item 3 below).

By September 6th: send a short report (co-signed with the other members of the evaluation committee) on the work presented by the potential Ph.D. candidate to:

Supervisors may want to use the report template:

Modello per la relazione di ammissione

Note that this report will be attached to the verbal record of the Ph.D. Course Board and sent to the reviewers.

By September 6th: send information (name, institution, role, e-mail, phone number) on the two reviewers plus a substitute reviewer to:

The reviewers shall be highly qualified professors or researchers belonging to institutions (universities or public/private research institutions) not involved in the awarding of the Ph.D. Degree.