PhD Program Course Catalogues

All Students (first, second and third year) can take courses from the active catalogue. However, please note that the coursework requirements depend on the PhD cycle the Student belongs to, so, please, check the specific requirements in the Course Catalogue corresponding to your first year (e.g., coursework requirements for the 34° cycle are reported in the 2018/2019 Catalogue).

Students must report the selection of courses they wish to take for credits (i.e., by taking and passing the course final exam) into the Study and Research Plan form, following the directions reported here.

Students shall also create and keep up-to-date the list of all the courses they plan to attend, be it for credits (i.e., taking the final exam) or otherwise, using the Course Enrollment Form (requires SSO authentication). Please note that some courses organized in cooperation with other Departments/PhD Programs may require an additional  enrollment step on a different platform, which is reported in the Catalogue.

Do not forget to visit the Seminars page and the Distinguished Lecturer Series program, since, as explained in the Catalogue, attendance to these events is required.