Summary of Coursework Requirements

Coursework requirements that PhD students must fulfill in their three-year doctoral course are reported in a dedicate paragraph of the PhD Course Catalogues. For ease of reference, they are also summarized in this page.

Course requirements

  • Take Ph.D. courses for a minimum of 20 credits by the end of the second year.

Specific constraints to earn the minimum of 20 credits of courses:

  • Transversal Skills Area (TSK): at least 5 credits should come from courses belonging to the Transversal Skills area (labeled TSK in the course Summary).
  • Information Engineering Area (IE): students shall earn at least 10 credits by taking courses belonging to the Information Engineering Area (labeled IE in the course Summary).
  • External Courses: up to a maximum of 5 credits may be earned by taking external courses (i.e. courses not included in this catalogue) falling in the following categories:
    • Courses appearing in the list of external courses approved by the Executive Board. The list of credited external courses is available on the Ph.D. Program main website.
    • Additional external courses might be included into the list after submission of a written request signed by the Student and his/her Supervisor. Only courses including an exam with grading are considered.
    • Courses from other Ph.D. School catalogues (provided they include a final exam with grading).
    • In order to get credit recognition for external courses, students shall obtain a certificate stating that the student attended the course and successfully passed the exam. Alternatively, the student may fill a Certification of Attendance with the course data and have it signed by the course instructor.

Seminar requirements

  • Attend the seminars promoted by the Ph.D. Program (find the list on the website) during the three-year Ph.D. course.
  • Attend all the lectures of the Distinguished Lecturer Series program offered by the Department during the three-year Ph.D. course.
  • Attend at least two modules of the PhD Educational Week on Transferable Skills.

Each first-year student must fill a tentative program of study form and upload it using the following link: within October 31st. The program of study may be subsequently modified by submitting a new form no later than June 30th of the second year. Seminars, Distinguished Lectures and PhD Educational Week modules should not be included in the program of study. Please, use the Seminar Certificate of Attendance to collect the signature of the speaker or of a member of the Executive Board attending the event.