Student Mobility

During the three-year PhD Program, students typically travel for short periods to attend conferences, seasonal schools research project meetings and for longer periods, to work on (part of) their thesis project at Universities or Research Centers elsewhere in Italy or abroad. Proper authorizations to mobility are always required before the student can leave the University of Padova. The type of authorizations required vary depending on mobility duration.

Short Mobility (less than 20 days)

Students shall require the authorization to the Department of Information Engineering following the procedure outlined at the following link (requires SSO authentication):

Instructions are in Italian; if you need help, please contact

When preparing the online travel authorization form, you must place particulare care in filling the fields “Motivo”, “Tipo di fondo” and “Descrizione del fondo” according to the following directions (see also the examples reported here):

  • Field Motivo:
    • If you are attending a conference/workshpop, report the full name of the event in addition to the acronym, and the name of the location (conference centre, university, hotel)
    • If you are visiting a University/Research Institute/Company, report the type of activity (e.g., research project meeting, lab measurements, long mobility authorized by the PhD Board, etc.), the name of the hosting structure, and the name of the local supervisor/responsible person
  • Fields Tipo di fondo and  Descrizione del fondo must be filled depending on the funding to be used to cover mobility expenses (details on funding available to support students’ research activity can be found in this page). The possible options are summarized in the following table:
Field PhD Course fund Student allowance Supervisor fund
Tipo di fondo Budget di struttura Budget di struttura Progetto
Descrizione del fondo Fondo di funzionamento del dottorato Budget del dottorando per l’attività di ricerca Project ID (ask your supervisor)

Your request will be submitted to the Department Director and to the PhD Program Coordinator for approval.

Long Mobility (20 days or longer)

Long mobility authorization is a two-step process.

1. Executive Board authorization

Students shall request the authorization to the Executive Board:

  • Download the Long Mobility Authorization form (PDF file)
  • Fill the fields with the required information.
  • Print and sign the document, and have it signed by your Supervisor.
  • Scan the signed document and upload it (requires SSO authentication).
2. Department of Information Engineering authorization

Same procedure as for Short Mobility authorization (see above).