Student External Activity

Any activity that is not specified in the Study and Research Plan is considered in principle External Activity and, according to the University PhD Regulation, must be authorized by the Executive Board of the PhD Program.

PhD Students planning any external activity shall submit a request to the Executive Board at least 30 days before the beginning of the activity following the directions listed below.

If the activity is judged to be fully coherent with the Study and Research Plan of the Applicant, then no time limits are set on the activity.

If the activity is not coherent with the Study and Research Plan of the Applicant then the following temporal limits apply:

  • no more then 8 hours/week AND
  • no more than 180 hours per year

can be spent by the Applicant on the activity.

External Activity request submission procedure

Students shall request the authorization to the Executive Board through the following steps:

  • Download the External Activity Authorization Form (docx file)
  • Open the file using Word and fill the editable fields with the required information.
  • Print and sign the document, and have it signed by your Supervisor.
  • Scan the signed document and upload it (requires SSO authentication).