Call for Admission

General information

The Call for admission to the PhD Courses 2022 is now closed. Thanks to all who have applied to the Ph.D. Program in Information Engineering. The evaluation of candidates qualification has been completed and the oral examination schedule has been set.

Qualification evaluation results

The results of the first part of the admission procedure (i.e., the evaluation of the candidates qualification) are reported in the following document (to decrypt the document use the password that was sent to you right after the submission of the application form):

Candidates qualification evaluation results

We remind the candidates that only those who have scored at least 7/10 of the available points (i.e. 35 out of 50 points) have been admitted to the oral examinations.

Oral examinations results

The results of the candidates’ interviews are reported in the following document (to decrypt the document use the password that was sent to you right after the submission of the application form):

Oral examinations results

As advertised in the PhD Programmes Call, the official rankings approved by the Rector, built adding the qualification evaluation and the oral examination results, will be made public from July 1st 2022 through:

Successful candidates must enrol by July 26th 2022. Information on enrolment procedures will be published at the same time as the rankings. Publication of enrolment deadlines are to be considered as official notification for all intents and purposes.

No personal communication will be sent to the candidates. Candidates granted admission to the Courses are responsible for checking enrolment dates and procedures.

Admission Examination

The admission examination will be held between May 26th and June 20th.  The examination is a two-step process, with candidates required to take part only to the second step (the interview).
More in detail, the two steps of the admission examination are the following:

  • A pre-evaluation of the candidates qualifications by the examination Committee, based on the candidates curriculum and project proposal (candidates do not personally take part to this step); the outcome of the pre-evaluation, including the score of each applicant and the interview schedule (limited to applicants admitted to the second examination step, see next bullet point) are going to be disclosed no later than June 4th, 2022, on this web page.
  • Applicants scoring at least 35/50 in the pre-evaluation are interviewed by the examination Committee. The list of candidates admitted to the interview, togheter with the interview schedule, will be published in this page by June 4th. As detailed in the Call, the candidate is requested to prepare a 10 minute presentation to introduce him/herself, to explain the motivations to pursue a Ph.D. in Information Engineering, and to discuss the main features of a possible research project on one of the topics of the Ph.D. School ( The Admission Committee will then discuss with the candidate the details of his/her academic titles, curriculum, and research project and will assess if the candidate masters the methodological tools needed to carry on the project.