Information for New Students

Incoming Students of the 36° cycle

Welcome to new PhD Students of the 36° cycle! Enrollment has now been completed and the PhD Program is ready to start.

Kick-off Meeting of the 36° cycle

We will welcome you on October 15th, 2020, starting a 15:00, unfortunately not in person but using the University videoconferencing platform Zoom. The link to the video conference has been sent to you via email at your official university address (that is, the one with the format, with an alias

During the kick-off meeting we will give you detailed information on how to start and successfully carry-on your PhD Program and explain the procedures for the formal assignement of your Supervisor, for the presentation of the Study and Research Plan, how to request the purchase of material (consumables, hardware, etc.), the registration to a conference, the authorization to travel.

Access to the Department Facilities

In a few days you will receive an e-mail message inviting you to pick up your personal badge, which is required to access most of the laboratories and facilities of Department of Information Engineering and sign the PhD Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Meanwhile, please complete the badge activation request using the GIGA system and following the instructions below. If you are not fluent in Italian Language, please ask the help of a colleague or of your perspective Supervisor or drop a line at GIGA support:

  1. Go to the GIGA login page (
  2. If you are already registered on GIGA, log in and start a Variation (Variazione) procedure.
  3. If you are not registered on GIGA, please register inserting all the requested data, then log in.
  4. After successful log in, insert the following data:
    • Ruolo (role): Dottorando (36 ciclo)
    • Dal (From): 12-Oct-2020  al (to):  31-Mar-2024
    • Presentatore GIGA: Neviani Andrea
    • Referente (Supervisor): Surname and name of your perspective Supervisor
    • Richiesta di Accesso ai Laboratori (Laboratory access request): ask your perspective Supervisor if you need access permission to a Laboratory (the name of the Laboratory is written on the signpost at its entrance and can be found in the online list of Laboratories at DEI)
    • Ask for a new DEI account only in case you do not have already one (in case you already have one, insert the existing account username and it will be updated)
    • Check the option “STAMPA Abilita stampe/copie …”

Useful information:

Access restrictions

When you need to access the Department premises, please follow the directions reported on the Department website.